Self-Study.” I won’t say that I stayed “nobody’s,” I liked the process itself. There are some people who have no room for creativity. Of course, being a creator of oneself is a very interesting thing!

By the way, we live in an age of globalization and virtualization of everything and everyone. That is why, personally, globalization reminds me a lot of a battering ram, with which they try to make a breach in the world system.

When the first information about me appeared on the Internet, I was quite skeptical. The answer came right away. In the mail. They turned out to be very persistent. I had to go through all the mail. The letters had no references, but essentially answered the questions I had posed. They amazed me with their deep and, I would even say, timely knowledge of my personality, their accuracy and specificity, and most importantly, their literacy.

That site

Physics at School magazine publishes the magazine “Workshop of Wonders.” Here is one example of a brilliant analysis of my work.

In this case, a word to the expert psychologist at Wonder Workshop, who responded immediately and immediately replied, “Where do you get the energy to do all this? You’re just energized.” That really touched me, because this man knows so much more than I do, yet he writes about me as if he knows everything.

It turns out that, after all, knowledge does not give a person strength. Only love and faith do.

I am very glad that there are such famous and talented people among us who can see.

It is valuable to me that they like what I do. I thank God and fate for that.

An interesting article about my work appeared in My Abode magazine.

You can read about what axioms, axiomatic truths, are in my article “The World of Ideas – A World of Laws and Facts” where you can see some of the mechanisms on which these truths are built, and, of course, see how they work.

There is a link to this article in the journal.

Everyone has knowledge that is passed down to them. History has very accurately pointed out that everything a person touches is connected to him.

The ancient sages said that man can only be reached by the heart, and that the way to wealth and happiness is only through the heart.