Awareness Ribbons

At Team Dynamics we want to help you show support for your cause and we’re doing so by carrying several colors of awareness ribbon tattoos! Choose from pink, red, purple, and American flag ribbon tattoos to raise awareness for your cause. We keep them in stock so they’re ready to ship as soon as you contact us with your order!

Almost everyone recognizes the pink ribbon as the symbol of breast cancer awareness, but do you know what the other colors of awareness ribbons represent? Awareness ribbons have become increasingly popular and today almost every issue has a color of ribbon associated with it. In today’s blog we’ll focus on some of the more common and uncommon issues related to the color ribbons we carry.

PPurpleRibbonSmall_dv_03222013urple ribbons are very important this month since April celebrates the month of the military child. Military children deal with many challenges that most kids will never see or have to handle, but through it all they become well-rounded and extremely resilient. You can show your support for the military kids in your life or community this month by wearing our purple awareness ribbon tattoos. The purple ribbon represents dozens of other causes and issues as well such as domestic violence awareness, Alzheimer’s awareness, the March of Dimes, ADD/ADHD awareness, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, drug overdose, hate crimes, bullying and suicide prevention, pancreatic cancer, animal abuse and trisomy 18. It also includes support for cancer survivors, Chron’s disease, lupus, meningitis, neuropathy, thyroid cancer, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, and many others.

redPossibly the most common use of the red ribbon in the past has been in support of the DARE program, which promotes substance abuse awareness. Today, two other issues have also begun to become a popular source of support by the red ribbon. They are awareness of HIV/AIDS and heart disease. Yet there are still many more causes supported by the red ribbon such as brain aneurysm awareness, lymphoma, hemophilia, Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), blood disorders, congenital heart defects, tuberculosis, burn victims, and ALS. It also shows support for hypertension, stroke, Von Willebrand’s, and high blood pressure. You can show your support by wearing our red ribbon awareness tattoos.

tattoo_small_smMany of us have had our lives impacted by breast cancer in some way, but did you know that the pink ribbon is also used to support nursing mothers and birth parents? Wear our pink ribbon tattoos to show your support! They’re available in a regular temporary tattoo ribbon version and also a beautiful white heart with a pink ribbon inside!

We also carry an American flag ribbon that you can use to show your patriotism and in support of our country!

At Team Dynamics we want to help you show your support to the causes and issues that are important to you. Share your pictures on Instagram with #teamgamefaces and we might feature your photo on social media or our website.


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Spring is in the air! Flowers blooming, longer days, and warmer temperatures mean more time outside and all that time outside means it’s time for some of our favorite spring sports…baseball and softball!

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