Have you ever wondered which tattoos would sell the best at your school? While we can’t guarantee that these tattoos will have the same results everywhere, here is a list of our top 10 bestselling tattoos:

10.) Traditional Pink Awareness Ribbon: SP-56-P

9.) Traditional Black War Paint: B-13-8

8.) Waterless Pink Awareness Ribbon: W-SP-56-P

7.) Waterless Flaming Football: W-S-71

6.) Traditional I Love Football: SB-68

5.) Traditional Football Heart: S-215

4.) Traditional WIN Football: S-70

3.) Traditional Black Paw Print: H-07-8

2.) Waterless Royal Blue Paw Print: W-H-07-2

& now for our bestselling tattoo 3 years running………

  1. Traditional Flaming Football: S-71

What tattoos sell the best at your schools? Is there anything on our list that sells just as good for you? Were there any tattoos you were surprised you didn’t see? Let us know below!